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Katerina Tarasova

Executive Director
Accreditation Canada

Katerina Tarasova is Accreditation Canada (AC)’s Executive Director of International Accreditation.

In her current role as the Executive Director of International Accreditation, she is responsible for the expansion of Accreditation Canada’s reach internationally by engaging more health care providers in quality improvement programs.

Prior to joining Accreditation Canada, Katerina was part of the Universities Canada team for seven years. As part of that team, she worked with funding agencies such as the World Bank and Asian Development Bank, governments and academia to lead international development projects in the areas of education, health care and socioeconomic development and building partnerships between Canada and countries such as Russia, Ukraine, India, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Katerina holds a Master’s Degree in International Affairs and a Diploma in European Integration from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

Katerina is passionate about bringing communities together to learn from each other, leading to better quality health services and better care for all.

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