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Sandra McCardell

Assistant Deputy Minister, Europe, Arctic, Middle East, Global Affairs Canada
Global Affairs Canada

Sandra McCardell is Assistant Deputy Minister responsible for Europe, Arctic and the Middle East at Global Affairs Canada. Sandra holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alberta and first joined Global Affairs in 1992 (then External Affairs and International Trade Canada) where she worked as a desk officer, Eastern and Southern Africa Division.

Following training in Egypt to learn Arabic, Ms. McCardell served as political adviser to the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1998-2000) at the Embassy of Canada to Israel and counsellor (political) at the Embassy of Canada to Lebanon (2002-2003). Ms. McCardell was ambassador to Libya from 2009 to 2011, representing Canada both before and after the Libyan revolution. In Ottawa, Ms. McCardell has held a number of positions, including as director of the Partnerships Division of the Invest in Canada Bureau. She has served as Canada’s ambassador to Morocco and Mauritania since 2012. Ms. McCardell is married and has three children.