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Networking Lunch with Delegates from RAKEZ – June 25th

August 1, 2023by admin

CABC, in partnership with T&A Consulting and Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone, hosted a highly successful networking luncheon featuring Mr. Ramy Jallad, CEO of RAKEZ. The event, which took place on Tuesday, July 25th, at the prestigious St. Regis Hotel in downtown Toronto, was sold out, showcasing the immense interest from attendees.

The luncheon provided an exceptional platform for networking, facilitating productive B2B meetings, and encouraging a valuable exchange of knowledge among all the participants.

Events like RAKEZ offer excellent opportunities for collaboration, enabling the establishment of robust connections, promoting various business prospects, and fostering cooperation between companies and organizations from diverse regions. Such endeavours play a vital role in advancing growth and fostering fruitful partnerships in the business landscape.